All the features you need. None that you don't.

Multiple classes

Easily manage multiple classes without having to jump through hoops, so you can spend more time focusing on your classes.

Take attendance

Managing the attendance of multiple students in multiple class's is difficult. We understand, so we've simplified the process.

Manage assignments

Add and manage assignments, without any fluff. We provide you everything you need to manage your classes' assignments.

Add grades

Whether you grade using points or percentages, it doesn't matter. We make it easy to grade your students, no matter what system you choose to use.

Import Students

Some classes are very large and adding students individually can be tedious, so we've added multiple student importing to make it easy.

Message Students

You can message students individually or as a class though our app. The messages come from you, so there is no confusion. It's simple.

Export Student Data

Sometimes you need to move your student's data to a new platform, or you may need to manage it on your own. We've got you covered.

Weighted Grading

A very popular way of grading, weighted grading is used by multitudes of educators around the world — that's why we support it.