Our Story

We're a team of creative and development professionals that love creating beautiful web applications that people enjoy using. We're also very passionate about education. That's why we created Grades.io.

Grades.io is a product of us recognizing a need in the education field for a simple, easy-to-use solution for educators to grade their students, manage their assignments, and organize their classes. We came to this idea through being teachers ourselves. We've taught in university, as well as, community-driven educational settings. We know, and understand, the woes of today's educational professional and we want to provide a solution that makes their jobs easier to do.

We're going to be adding new features and improving the experiences as we move forward, so we would love to hear your feedback. We need to know what is working and what's not. We also need to know what features you'd like see added.

We believe 100% in Grades.io and we want to make it the best experience possible. Thank you for helping us make that happen.

The Grades.io Team

Arlton Lowry, Founder

Arlton is a designer, front-end developer, conference organizer, high-five giver, and educator.

Shane Reustle, Founder

Shane is a full-stack developer, event organizer, motorcycle enthusiast, and world traveler.